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Listing of sites that offer Free Erotic eBooks


Girl on the Net

Girl on the NetGirl on the Net is one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs. It has expanded into audio porn, in part to make the site more accessible to readers with visual impairments. The female-run blog launched in 2011 to challenge sex stigma and featuring stories written by the anonymous owner. Now features everything from illustrations and blog posts to published erotic novels. A huge variety of its hottest posts are now available in audio format, with options spanning BDSM, true sex and even erotic fiction to name just a few. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and totally free, and there are new ones added each week. Alongside real-life sex stories, there are posts about feminism, porn, mental health, and fascinating fetishes. A selection of the hottest stories on the site, now available as audio porn.It offers a collection of Free Erotic content.- No

Remittance Girl

Remittance GirlRemittance Girl seeks to uncover the good, the bad and everything in between in contemporary erotica. Erotic in literature; erotica, stories, series and novellas and imaginative writing about sex; of all stripes: straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, S/M, vanilla, B/D, fetish, smut, edgy, nasty, happy, raw, comfortable, loving, etc. This page listed Free Erotic content.- No


LiteroticaLiterotica is a collection of free, online erotica stories divided into categories. FREE source for the hottest in erotic fiction and fantasy. Literotica features 100% original sex stories from a variety of authors. Get Into exotic horror, Lesbian sex, Romance, Masturbation. In addition, audio porn options including original erotic fiction and fantasy sex stories submitted from a variety of authors – including amateurs.Read books from this nice collection of Free Erotic content.- No

Sex Stories

Sex StoriesSex Stories has a 13 different genres, and some genres (fiction, for example) have up to 25,000 stories included. There are approximately 100 different themes to choose from as well. On this link you can read or listen & download Free Erotic content.- No

Refinery29's Erotica Guide

Refinery29Refinery29's Erotica Guide includes several short, erotic stories written by various authors. Refinery29 is the leading global media company focused on young women. They inspire, entertain, and empower our audience through optimistic and diverse storytelling, experiences, and points of view.This link directs you to Free Erotic content.- No

Nifty Erotic Stories Archive

Nifty Erotic Stories ArchiveNifty Erotic Stories Archive is a personal archive of both pictures and stories made available to the public.It is a donation-based site for LGBTQ erotic stories. Its stories are divided by genre, including gay male, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender. In addition to having free erotica, it also has a shopping section, where you can buy goods such as coffee cups or wall clocks, in case you want to bring your love of erotica into your home!This page direct you to Free Erotic content.- No

The Erotic Review

The Erotic ReviewThe Erotic Review is a website committed to giving sex a good name. It features several different erotic short stories, laid out like blog posts for easy access. You can find these short stories under the site's "fiction" section. The website also contains articles, reviews (for things like sex toys and events), and even videos. Read books from this nice collection of Free Erotic content.- No


ToomicsToomics offers the latest Japanese and South Korean comics instantly! Comics in many genres - action, horror, romance, school and many more life stories! Vast selection with one click! If you like animations, comics, or cartoons, don’t miss out! They have a VIP subscription service that will give you access to all of the webtoons on our platform, including sneak peeks into upcoming episodes that haven’t been updated yet! Click the ‘FAMILY SAFE’ button for adult content. Read books from this nice collection of Free Erotic content.- No

Project Gutenberg

Project GutenbergProject Gutenberg offers over 50,000 free eBooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. Read books from this nice collection of Free Erotic content.No


SmashwordsSmashwords is an e-book distribution platform that distributes books to major retailers. This is a URL to Free Erotic content.No


BookRixBookRix offers thousands of eBooks to read online and download free. There is a mix of classic and new ebooks in several general categories. The reading online is in a popup window that reads as an ordinary book. There are some classics that can be found elsewhere, but there are also many unique entries here. The adult oriented books require registration to read or download. (See also this link). This URL opens the listing of Free Erotic content.No

Global Grey

Global GreyGlobal Grey Global Grey offers a nice collection of free eBooks. They are self-published books and scanned copies. It links to Free Erotic content.No

Higher Intellect

Higher IntellectHigher Intellect is a searchable database of over 750,000 text files on a variety of subjects. This link is to the collection of Free Erotic content.No

Loyal Books

Loyal BooksLoyal Books - Public domain audio and eBooks from and (can be downloaded in different format, such as streamed audiobooks, MP3, ePub, Kindle, etc.). You'll always discover the very best collection of entirely totally free public domain audiobooks and ebooks at Loyal Books. We also provide best sellers for those who want the latest books, but mainly you'll discover an amazing selection of free books to enjoy.This page listed Free Erotic content.No


InkittInkitt is the world’s first reader-powered publisher, providing a platform to discover hidden talents and turn them into globally successful authors. Free access to amazing pre-published novels from all genres, be the first to scout talented writers, and get mentioned inside the novel once your story is published.On this link you can access Free Erotic content.No

Google Play

Google PlayGoogle Play (formerly Google eBooks) is a cross-platform eBook application offered by Google, which offers over 5 million eBooks and as such is the world's one of the largest ebookstore. On this link you can access Free Erotic content.Yes


AmazonAmazon books is one of the biggest free internet source for free books. See also our Guide to Kindle Store Free eBooks. This is a nice collection of Free Erotic content.Yes offers a growing numbers of free eBooks in different categories made by independent writers. Read texts/books from this excellent collection / listing of Free Erotic content.Yes

Daily Free Books

Daily Free BooksDaily Free Books (UK) monitors Amazon (UK) for its daily free offerings with excellent category listings. They also offer free listings from Smashwords. This link is to a page with Free Erotic content.Yes


KoboKobo is an online eBook retailer that has a selection of FREE eBooks available. Here you can find more information How to find FREE eBooks on KOBO website? Under this link you can access Free Erotic content.Yes


ThaliaThalia is a German online book shop that offers thousands of free English books in different categories. Also, there are books in other languages. From here you can access Free Erotic content.Yes

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