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Listing of sites that offer Free Erotic Audiobooks


Kiss Me Quick Erotica Podcast

Kiss Me Quick Erotica PodcastKiss Me Quick Erotica Podcast - The Sexy Librarian presents an adventurous show that will simultaneously provoke the mind and arouse the senses. Experience erotica with a range of emotions as Rose Caraway regales you with astonishing tales that will delight, thrill, and at times horrify. This show is intended for mature audiences only. Here you can find a nice collection of Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No

Girl on the Net

Girl on the NetGirl on the Net is one of the UK’s most popular sex blogs. It has expanded into audio porn, in part to make the site more accessible to readers with visual impairments. The female-run blog launched in 2011 to challenge sex stigma and featuring stories written by the anonymous owner. Now features everything from illustrations and blog posts to published erotic novels. A huge variety of its hottest posts are now available in audio format, with options spanning BDSM, true sex and even erotic fiction to name just a few. Each episode is about 10 minutes long and totally free, and there are new ones added each week. Alongside real-life sex stories, there are posts about feminism, porn, mental health, and fascinating fetishes. A selection of the hottest stories on the site, now available as audio porn. This is a nice collection of Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No


FerlyFerly is described as an “audio guide to mindful sex’. It seeks to transform your relationship with sex and pleasure – exploring new ways to talk about it, think about it and to have it. You can enrol in a sex-positive workshop, reflect via a guided journaling practice. Also, you can get lost in a third-person narrated erotic play or try guided masturbation (or guided practices with a partner). The podcast-style sessions, which are between five and 20 minutes, give you the chance to cultivate your sexual self-care routine or getting lost in a sensual story. Best of all, it’s all totally free space where you’re able to make your life more pleasurable, confident and healthy. Read texts/books from this excellent collection / listing of Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No


QuinnQuinn is an audio porn site specifically designed for women. It features a huge variety of short audio porn options and various categories so you can sort the clips by what you are into. You can also choose from overheard stories, which do not involve the listener and second-person. All the content is user-submitted and you can follow (and even tip) your favourite creators. This link is to a page with Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No


DipseaDipsea is an audio platform for sexual wellness. It features short, mostly voyeuristic audio porn scenes and immersive sound experiences penned by a diverse range of writers and produced in-house from start to finish. There’s a huge range of genres to choose from – including LGTBQ+ (almost half of Dipsea employees are members of the LGBTQ+ community; 30 per cent of the content is queer). You’ll also find intimate guided sessions spanning meditations, breathing exercizes, dirty talks and about self love. Every story and session they release is created from start to finish and in partnership with an incredible network of paid contributors and voice actors. From here you can access Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No

Bawdy Storytelling

Bawdy StorytellingBawdy Storytelling is featuring “true stories of sex, kink, body image, gender and more to build community, educate, entertain, and bring people together”. Storytellers submit their material online for this curated show, and each month’s performers are chosen for their panache and sense of (mis)adventure.Bawdy Storytelling is a live event and podcast series hosted by sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour, and it features real people from all walks of live – authors, comedians and regular folks – sharing their true sex adventures. Their stories normally range from 30 minutes to an hour, so they’re a little longer than the rest, but it’s not a purely sexual experience. Bawdy is like a graphic and sexy theatre production, with some relatable humour thrown in. Under this link you can access Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No

The Orgasm Sound Library

The Orgasm Sound LibraryThe Orgasm Sound Library sex toy company Bijoux Indiscrets has assembles an orgasm sound library for your listening pleasure, as part of a wider project to ‘explore the prejudices and taboos that influence and condition our sexual behaviour, such as the fictional view of sex and female masturbation’. You can listen to users’ actual orgasms and, should you feel inclined, you can even upload your own. There are hundreds available, all 100 per cent real and totally anonymous. This page direct you to Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No


emjoyemjoy is an ‘audio guide for intimate wellbeing’, focusing on helping you get in touch with your sexual desires and needs. In addition to the app’s wellness section, which contains guided practices for sexual wellness, it has a section with erotic stories. So if you’re looking for a more holistic sexual wellbeing app, Emjoy is available worldwide. Explore your body and boost your confidence with their wellbeing sessions If you want to normalize female pleasure one audio at a time with no-frills, real facts, and real fun. The team of sexual wellbeing experts have created 300+ audio sessions and sexy stories for all types of women. With 100+ sexy stories, they have fantasies for any desire. They aren’t one size fits all, which is why you can curate your personal journey based on your unique goals, and track your progress. It is free to use for limited access, or you can buy a yearly subscription for £29.99. On this link you can read or listen & download Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No

Aural Honey

Aural HoneyAural Honey is a great option for those wanting to let their mind run wild. It is a is a kink-friendly audio erotica platform focused on fantasies. It has everything from office kink, to the submissive. It includes a supernatural section for those who have fantasies involving vampires, angels, and the like. The stories last up to 30 minutes – and, it’s free. This link directs you to Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No


femtasyfemtasy is the creation of real-life couple Nina Julie and Michael. Together, they surveyed 1500 women about female sexuality with the goal of bringing their most intimate and erotic fantasies to life. They say, ‘We are neither a typical erotic portal nor a platform for audio books. We combine the best of both worlds in short, explicit audio stories. Diversity is out motto.’ Femtasy hits the spot for female first audio erotica. A sensual menu to satisfy your ever changing taste, mood and desire. The app costs £7 to £13 per month, depending on your subscription option. Signing up gives you instant access to an ever growing catalogue of sensual audio on the femtasy platform. Experiences are searchable by voices, acts, intensity and genre. You can search according to your mood, exploring the frontiers of your pleasure. This is a URL to Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No

Erotica Revealed

Erotica RevealedErotica Revealed seeks to uncover the good, the bad and everything in between in contemporary erotica. Erotic in literature; erotica, stories, series and novellas and imaginative writing about sex; of all stripes: straight, gay, lesbian, bi, trans, S/M, vanilla, B/D, fetish, smut, edgy, nasty, happy, raw, comfortable, loving, etc. This is a nice collection of Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No


LiteroticaLiterotica is a collection of free, online erotica stories divided into categories. FREE source for the hottest in erotic fiction and fantasy. Literotica features 100% original sex stories from a variety of authors. Get Into exotic horror, Lesbian sex, Romance, Masturbation. In addition, audio porn options including original erotic fiction and fantasy sex stories submitted from a variety of authors – including amateurs.This is a nice collection of Free Erotic Audiobooks.- No

Nobilis Erotica

Nobilis EroticaNobilis Erotica - "The best podcast of erotic speculative fiction in the known universe." This URL opens the listing of Free Erotic Audiobooks.-No

The Internet Archive

The Internet Archive The Internet Archive ( is a non-profit digital library of free books, movies, software, music and more. The Internet Archive allows the public to upload and download digital material. You can also browse these audio records: 1, 2, 3. Under this link you can access Free Erotic Audiobooks.No


LivriVox was founded in 2005, it is an extensive library of free public domain audiobooks. Volunteers record chapters of public domain books. Afterwards LibriVox releases the audio file for free in the public domain, and you may use it the way you like. This page listed Free Erotic Audiobooks.No


YouTubeYouTube is a well known website that does not need any introduction. There are thousends of free movies available in many categories. Meta description of the site: Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.From here you can access Free Erotic Audiobooks.No


GoldenAudiobooksGoldenAudiobooks - listen to your favourite audio books online absolutely free. lets you and all audiobook lovers around the world take their favourite books anywhere. Links to the listing of Free Erotic Audiobooks.No


PodBean is a podcast hosting platform, podcast publishing and monetization service, providing free and premium hosting packages for individuals and businesses. Podbean offers a user-friendly interface that integrates publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools into an easy-to-use podcasting package.This link directs you to Free Erotic Audiobooks.No

Loyal Books

Loyal BooksLoyal Books - Public domain audio and eBooks from and (can be downloaded in different format, such as stream audio book, MP3, ePub, Kindle, etc.). From here you can access Free Erotic Audiobooks.No


AmazonAmazon is one of the biggest free internet source for free books and audiobooks. Here you can find a nice collection of Free Erotic Audiobooks.Yes


LoveReading is offering free opening extracts and tailored recommendations, delivers a helpful range of exceptional online tools, including book extracts and listening to samples of audiobooks from some specially selected titles. Here you can find a nice collection of Free Erotic Audiobooks.Yes


AudibleAudible is an Amazon company that offers 30-day free trial. Choose from any of 200,000+ titles regardless of price, including the latest best sellers. Under this URL they offer Free Erotic Audiobooks.Yes


PodiobooksPodiobooks - you can download the free audio books directly from the website or receive them like podcasts from an RSS feed.Links to the listing of Free Erotic Audiobooks.Yes

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