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This collection focuses on eBooks in kindle formats;
".prc", ".mobi", ".azw" or ".azw3" will work equally well on Kindle

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Listing of sites that offer Free Kindle eBooks


Bring the Books

Bring the BooksBring the Books The Beauty of Grace is That it Makes Life Not FairThis link is to the Free Kindle eBooks. No


PloughPlough Publishing House has several free eBooks on Christian Life and discipleship. Some available in Kindle format. Tick Free in the price section for free eBooks. This page listed Free Kindle eBooks. No

Project Gutenberg

Project GutenbergProject Gutenberg offers over 50,000 free eBooks: choose among free epub books, free kindle books, download them or read them online. Here you can find a nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.No


SmashwordsSmashwords Smashwords is the world's largest distributor of indie ebooks. We make it fast, free and easy for any author or publisher, anywhere in the world, to publish and distribute ebooks to the major retailers and thousands of libraries. Links to the listing of Free Kindle eBooks.No a charitable publisher of English translations showcasing the literary works and Dhamma teachings of Venerable Ajaan Mahā Boowa, an exceptional teacher and masterful exponent of the Thai Forest Tradition.From here you can access Free Kindle eBooks.No offers a digital source of free eBooks for any taste, a vast range of titles in digital format and our free eBooks collection is growing all the time. To download free ebooks just browse the various categories on the left or simply use the search box. The aim of the site is to give quality, fast and required services for downloading and reading eBooks.Links to the listing of Free Kindle eBooks.No

Free Read Feed

Free Read FeedFree Read Feed Fully automated, complete list of free Kindle books available from, updated hourly to keep you informed of the latest free releases for your Kindle and to get the information to you in the most effective way possible.Under this URL they offer Free Kindle eBooks.No

Open Culture

Open CultureOpen Culture brings together high-quality cultural & educational media for the worldwide lifelong learning community. Web 2.0 has given us great amounts of intelligent audio and video. It’s all free. It’s all enriching. But it’s also scattered across the web, and not easy to find. Our whole mission is to centralize this content, curate it, and give you access to this high-quality content whenever and wherever you want it. Download hundreds of free audiobooks, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer. Works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, by such authors as Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell, Vonnegut, Nietzsche, Austen, Shakespeare, Asimov, HG Wells & more.It offers a collection of Free Kindle eBooks.No


iBookNookiBookNook offers 50 free eBook classics for download in one zip file in AZW or EPUB format. This link goes to Free Kindle eBooks.No

The Arkham Archivist

The Arkham Archivist
The Arkham Archivist the owner of the site moved away from the 'cthulhuchick' name to 'Arkham Archivist' to emphasize my interests in the historical and separate myself a little from an apparent uncritical embrace of things Lovecraftian. Writers like Chris Spivey, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Victor LaValle, who engage and confront the source material's racism while bringing out the best of the Weird and cosmic horror, inspire me in my work. I hope to be part of making the field a better place for everyone.Read texts/books from this excellent collection / listing of Free Kindle eBooks.No

Amitabha Gallery

Amitabha GalleryAmitabha Gallery offers several Buddhist eBooks available for download for Kindle, committed to sharing these Dharma gifts with you. We would like to highlight the beauty, inspiration, serenity, and peace that come with the Dharma. The essence of Sakyamuni Buddha’s teachings on Pure Land Buddhism will be a recurrent theme. It is our goal to make the teachings light and easy to understand.Read books from this nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.No

Baen Books

Baen BooksBaen Books a number of its titles in free electronic format, eBook marketplace. eBooks with no DRM in every major format--for the Kindle, iPad, Nook, and more.This link is to a page with Free Kindle eBooks.No


FeedbooksFeedbooks A selection of reads that have been adapted to the small and the big screen, with some exciting selection of retellings to rediscover your favorite myths and fairy talesOn this page you can find Free Kindle eBooks.No Home to thousands of free pdf ebooks of out-of-copyright classic literature for Kindle, Nook, ipad, iphone, android, Sony ereader, kobo and other mobile devices.This page direct you to Free Kindle eBooks.No Free Kindle Books offers Free Classic E-Books (below) in Kindle-compatible MOBI and PRC formats.On this link you can access Free Kindle eBooks.No


FreebooksyFreebooksy Freebooksy - Want free books of your favorite genres daily? Free ebooks in Amazon Kindle Books, Nooks Books, Apple Books & Kobo Books. Get started today!Here you can find a nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.No


GoodreadsGoodreads is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. Our mission is to help people find and share books they love. Goodreads launched in January 2007.Read books from this nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.No

Loyal Books

Loyal BooksLoyal Books All audio books in this site are in the public domain. This means that no one holds a copyright on these books and therefore anyone including is free to distribute them. Enjoy these free audio books and use the share button on to tell your friends about all these great public domain audio books.This link opens Free Kindle eBooks.No


eReaderIQ eReaderIQ is a price tracking service for Kindle books. Their goal is to help you make faster, easier and smarter decisions when it comes to managing your Kindle. On this link you can read or listen & download Free Kindle eBooks.No


MobileReadMobileRead the resource for mobile geeks seeking information and advice for keeping their gadgets happy. On this link you can access Free Kindle eBooks.No


AmazonAmazon books is one of the biggest free internet source for free books; It has over 100000 free eBooks. See also our Guide to Kindle Store Free eBooks This link is to the collection of Free Kindle eBooks.Yes offers a growing numbers of free eBooks in different categories made by Independent writers. Discover 1000's of New Authors in Hundreds of Categories Fiction and Non-Fiction - Free Every Month! Read & download eBooks for Free: anytime!Here you can find a nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.Yes


weberbooks A daily hand-picked list of temporarily free and bargain-priced Kindle books. Each of the site’s three pages display at least three freebies at the top, followed by several books discounted at least 40% off their regular price. Kindle Buffet is updated every afternoon, 7 days a week. On this link you can read or listen & download Free Kindle eBooks.Yes

Epub books

Epub booksEpub books is a self-publishing and ebook distribution platform. All ebooks on this site are free to download and can be read on all the popular eReaders. These include, but are not limited to; iPad, Kindle (coming soon), iPhone, Android, Kobo, Nook, Sony Reader, Windows Phone, along with both the PC and Mac notebook/desktop systems.Under this link you can access Free Kindle eBooks.Yes

Forgotten Books

Forgotten Books Forgotten Books Download 1,294,286 free eBooks from Forgotten Books, categories include: classical fiction, philosophy, sacred texts, history, art, science, ancient knowledge, religion, folklore & mythology.This link is to the Free Kindle eBooks.Yes


OHFB free to join, free to use and you’re free to do what you want with the books you own them!Read more. Spend less. Great deals on ebooks, many ebooks are free on kindle Read books from this nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.Yes

The eReader Cafe

The eReader Cafe
The eReader Cafe The eReader Cafe features the best Free & Bargain eBooks for Kindle and Nook. Please be aware that prices may change at any time. Always verify the price before downloading This link opens Free Kindle eBooks.Yes


OverdriveOverdrive If your local library has a subscription to OverDrive then this is a great place to find ebooks, audiobooks, movies and music. Borrow eBooks, audiobooks and videos from thousands of public libraries worldwide.Read books from this nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.Yes

Science Fiction Worlds

Science Fiction Worlds
Science Fiction Worlds There are currently eighteen novels bearing my name (the last two just published!), two ebook collections of short stories, and two ebook omnibus editions gathering multiple novels under one cover. I’ll break them down for you here by series, universe, etc. Read texts/books from this excellent collection / listing of Free Kindle eBooks.Yes


eBooksHabit If you read a lot of ebooks, then finding these free and lower price ebooks is a great solution that will allow you to read more without having to spend a ton of money! Links to Free Kindle eBooks.Yes


BookBubBookBub is a free service that helps millions of readers discover books they'll love while providing publishers and authors with a way to drive sales and find new fans. Upon joining, members receive unbeatable deals selected by our expert editorial team, handpicked recommendations from people they trust, and real-time updates from their favorite authors. this site works with all major ebook retailers and devices, and partners with thousands of the industry’s leading publishers and authors to promote their books. BookBub was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.This link opens Free Kindle eBooks.Yes is usually updated at least every couple days. Kindle books and other great deals. If you’re browsing this after the date specified above, there might be a more recent update on the home page. Here you can browse Free Kindle eBooks.Yes

England Free Books

England Free Books
England Free Books Best Free Books for England. iBooks, kindle, barnes and noble nook, kobo, google books and many more. With a lot of book genres. Under this link you can access Free Kindle eBooks.Yes


kindlenationdaily KND Free Book Search Tool find free Kindle books by publication date, sales rank or rating, and preview them online! This is a nice collection of Free Kindle eBooks.Yes a site which they have developed mainly for their fellow users to subscribe and download the FREE books and Reduced rate books on their Kindle devices on the go. Links to Free Kindle eBooks.Yes

AZW is a proprietary format developed by Amazon for the Kindle eBook reader. It has its roots in the MOBI format but has better compression and encryption. AZW3 (also known as Kindle Format 8 - KF8) is a variation of AZW. AZW files that are not DRM protected can be renamed to MOBI or PRC. Mobipocket (MOBI) is probably the best eBook format for Kindle reader. PRC is equivalent to MOBI. Kindles do not support the EPUB file format used by many other e-book readers. KFX is a new format is released by Amazon. Other Supported files for Kindle Personal Documents are: PDF, TXT, DOC, DOCX.

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