Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) and Copyright

Are the links provided safe to browse?

We do our best to provide a huge amount of FREE and genuine book links on our website, however, their content may change over time. They might be removed if they are found to be malicious or if there is a copyright issue. Please be advised that the information available on an external websites are not affiliated with Free Book Browser.

Is it legal to download eBooks from the internet?

NOT everything is legal on the internet, so use caution when downloading eBooks. We have left it up to your discretion and knowledge.

Users are responsible for assuring that they have proper authorization to use copyrighted content if there are other language categories on the site.

Different countries have different copyright regulations, so while a particular book may be in the public domain in one country but in another country it may still not be in the public domain.

This search engine may also finds a large number of documents that people have stored on their servers illegally. If you find such illegal eBooks, please support the hard work of these authors and buy a real copy or support them in some way.

Our search option use different websites, a Google custom search engine and engine syntaxes. We do not take responsibility for the content of other websites.

Report of Copyright Violation

The Claim must be written in English. The Claim must be sent from a company mail (A01, Yahoo Gmail, etc. may be rejected). You must present evidence that shows that you are the copyright holder or that you are acting on behalf of the copyright holder. You will be informed via email of the action we have taken. Please note that this website host just a very few eBooks on our servers (we do not host any other websites with free book content). Most of the materials are LINKS and descriptions that lead to some third party servers that are NOT managed by us. We make effort not to breach any copyright law when we are selecting URLs to our website, but as we have thousands of URLs that are dynamically changing, so we are unable to follow simultaneously each and every one. Upon receipt of a valid notice that an URL contains infringing material, Free Book Browser will immediately remove that URL. However, can only remove the link from our site if the copyright holder would like us to do so. We cannot remove any content from other websites.

All copyright claims most be send to: