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Google scholar

Google scholarGoogle scholar is a good resource for scholarly literature but contains digitized issues of hundreds of magazines in alphabetic order including titles like Life which are no longer published. Click 'Browse all issues' to choose from previous issues. Add 'en' to the end of the link to see English titles only.This is a URL to Free Women's Magazines.No


COSMOPOLITAN is the biggest young women’s media brand in the world, we’re in an intimate relationship and ongoing conversation with you, dear reader, and our 75 editorial staffers (more on us below) hustle hard to pack every Cosmopolitan platform with fresh, funny, and fundamental intel on all the many things you truly care about (from how to dirty talk like a pro to crypto and QAnon). Here you can find a nice collection of Free Women's Magazines.No

woman's day

womanwoman's day is a destination for celebrations big and small a place where no holiday is left behind! Our readers are VIP guests treated to fresh new ideas guaranteed to help them discover the yay in every day. Plus, all of our feel-good content is put through a fun filter, so whether we’re sharing the latest recipes, DIY décor, family activities, inspiring stories or live longer and stronger health advice, it’s bound to make them smile. Under this URL they offer Free Women's Magazines.No


allure is an American women's magazine focused on beauty, published monthly by Condé Nast in New York City. This link goes to Free Women's Magazines.No

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