Español Libros Electrónicos | Spanish eBook Websites

Español Libros Electrónicos | Spanish eBook Websites - Free Spanish eBooks are available on these websites. Links direct you straight to the Spanish content if there are other language categories on the site. There is a general description of these websites as well.

REG* - Registration ASC - websites that do not need registration are at the beginning of the list for easy access to free content.

Listing of sites that offers Free Spanish eBooks

NAMEICONGENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE WEBSITEREG* has a huge selection eBooks available to download for free. The link shows Spanish books on Amazon. See also this link link. See also our Guide to Amazon Kindle Store Free eBooksYes is an internet source with few Spanish eBooks to downloadYes
KoboKoboKobo is a online eBook retailer that has a selection of FREE eBooks available. Here you can find more information How to find FREE eBooks on KOBO website Yes
Thalia Thalia Thalia - German bookshop with around 90 free Spanish titlesYes
Forgotten Books Forgotten Books Forgotten Books is an independent publisher that offers almost 300 000 free ebooks. Under the foreign language books section it offers around 12 000 Spanish books. The online reading is free with some pages available only to full members. You can download books in PDF, for Kindle and etc. if you are registered. Books can be searched name, author and several categories. See also linkYes
Scribd Scribd Scribd is a personal digital library where you have access to a large collection of e-books, articles, audiobooks, and other works. The link shows Spanish books. Search for other keywords to find more results.Yes
BookBoon BookBoon BookBoon eBooks in Spanish languageYes
NOOK Books | Barnes & Noble -NOOK Books | Barnes & Noble -NOOK Books | Barnes & Noble - the link shows free Spanish eBooksYes
JSTORJSTORJSTOR is a digital library of academic journals, books, and primary sources. helps people discover, use, and build upon a wide range of content through a powerful research and teaching platform. For Spanish books go to the advanced search option.Yes - download Spanish texts in PDF formatYes
BooktrackBooktrackBooktrack provides an online and offline hosted platform for eBook reading. There are many free eBooks and previews with a with a synchronized movie-style soundtrack. Except English books, there is a limited number of books in other languages.Yes