Hebrew eBooks

You can access free Hebrew eBooks by clicking on the NAME or on the ICON of the website. Links direct you straight to the Hebrew content if there are other language categories on the selected website. There is a general description of these websites as well.

REG* - Registration ASC - websites that do not need registration are at the beginning of the list for easy access to free content.

Listing of sites that offers Free Hebrew eBooks

The Sefaria LibraryThe Sefaria LibraryThe Sefaria Library is a A Living Library of Jewish Texts - commentaries, connections and translations across our free, ever-growing library of texts.No
Marxist Internet Archive (MIA)Marxist Internet Archive (MIA)Marxist Internet Archive (MIA) is an all-volunteer, non-profit public library, contains the writings of 592 authors representing a complete spectrum of political, philosophical, and scientific thought, generally spanning the past 200 years. MIA contains these writings in 45 different languages, comprising a total size of over 53,000 documents and 29 GB of data.No